Busting Booze Businesses for Serving Minors

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The Department of Business and Professional Regulation is cracking down on businesses serving alcohol to minors.

Under a new program, when an underage drinker is killed in a crash investigators will go after the individual or business who sold or served the victim.

"It's very sad when a very young life ends because of negligence from the end of retailers, servers who don't care, so I think it will put everybody on alert," said Andre Shiriaev, owner of Killearn Liquors.

The program is called ICARE: Identifying Contributors to Alcohol Related Events. Right now in Florida the division is investigating five separate fatal crashes, one of them on Ox Bottom Road in Tallahassee back in April.

Nineteen-year-old Natasha Flood was killed. Investigators say she had been drinking.

"Some way, someone provided the alcohol that likely contributed to this crash, so that's our focus to find out who provided the alcohol and to hold them accountable," said Dr. Steven Hougland.

Parents like Veranda Houston say it's only fair for regulators to get to the source of the problem. That way a family can move on knowing someone is paying the price for their loss.

"They would really know something is being done instead of them having a child, child growing up and then losing their child and nothing being done."