Cairo Upgrades

Headed into Cairo, one blink of the eye and you could miss the Cairo Municipal Airport.

With about 20 planes the tiny airport is barely on the radar of some residents. But soon that could all change because Gov. Sonny Perdue has named Cairo, along with nearly 50 other rural communities, eligible to receive funding to improve their airports.

Bobby Franklin, a Cairo resident, says, "The size of it, well, I feel we maybe need to upgrade the size of it. We have plenty of space out here to do that and get that done."

Floyd Schattles, a Cairo resident, says, "Little bitty planes, you know they're nothing. Just little bitty planes."

The airport program will use an initial budget of $15 million to upgrade and improve the small airports.

Gov. Perdue says the main goal is to extend rural airport runways to 5,000 feet which will allow Cairo to compete with larger airports, and with a runway that's currently only 4,000 feet long, Cairo airport falls right into Perdue's plan.

Franklin adds, "I feel like it would make it much easier if we did upgrade it and make more commercial flights here."

Nothing is final yet, so Cairo airport must wait for word on whether the plan will take off. Quitman, Camilla, and Moultrie were also listed as rural airports eligible for the money.