FCI Guards Back in Court

A trial date has now been set for the Tallahassee prison guards accused in a sex for favors scandal.

The men were back in court Tuesday to answer to a new round of charges. The five FCI guards were re-indicted last week and face additional counts of bribery, witness tampering and having sex with inmates. Each of the guards stood up in court and pleaded "not guilty."

Judge Hinkle moved the trial back from August 21 to the 30th of October. Attorney Alex Morris, who represents Vincent Johnson, says that will give him time to prepare.

"There's some 4,000 pages of documents that we understand are going to be forwarded to us. Obviously it's going to take some time to wade through all of the information and dissect it as best we can."

Sean Shaw, Gregory Dixon's attorney, preferred the original trial date.

"We just wanted to get this behind us as soon as possible. That's how we think. There's other co-defendants who might have different feelings, but Mr. Dixon wants to get this done as soon as possible. That's why we were pushing for a quick trial date."

All of the men will remain free until that October trial. A sixth guard, who was indicted along with them, was shot and killed by federal agents back in June when he opened fire and killed one of the men coming to arrest him.