Barnhill's Closes Its Doors and Leaves Employees Jobless

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Servers showed up to work and customers rolled in hungry only to find that Barnhill's in Tallahassee was *not* open for business.

Workers say they heard rumors that Barnhill's might be closing at the end of the year, but nothing was ever set in stone.

Slow times in the economy have these jobless servers concerned they won't be able to find jobs to pay the bills.

" We don't know what to do and what direction to go. We've been dedicated employees for 10 years and just to be told in this manner, it's just awful," says Marcia Fields a former Barnhill's employee.

"It's one of those things. It's a very unfortunate thing. But, it's something. We have to take care of this part of the business now, the closing up and the getting everything prepared for the building, and now take the next step and that's finding other employment," adds Kenneth Bells a former Barnhill's employee.

Barnhill's is closed because the lease is up on the building... the workers have been told a Walgreens will be taking its place.

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