Poll Worker Shortage in Leon County

The Leon County Supervisor of Election’s Office is having trouble finding enough people to work the polls on election day.

This is the first time the county has ever faced a shortage of poll workers, a problem that has plagued other Florida counties.

Assistant Supervisor of Elections Janet Olin says the office is about 50 people short for the upcoming Primary Election, and that means the need for poll workers for November's General Election is even greater.

Olin says she's figured out why they're coming up short.

“It's sad to say through the controversy of the touch screen technology coming to our county, that individuals believe we no longer vote on our optical scan equipment, so therefore working the polls has become too technically challenging, but that of course is not the case."

Leon County will continue to use the optical scan system. The purchase of the 125 touch screen machines was required in order to comply with the federal Help America Vote Act. Poll workers can expect to work a 14 hour day on election day at a rate of $7.50 an hour. There is a three0hour training class required, time that is also paid.

If you'd like to sign up to become a poll worker, you must be a registered voter in Leon County. Find out more by calling the Supervisor of Election’s Office at 850-606-8607.

Nine hundred poll workers will be needed for the September 5 Primary and 1,300 for the November 7 General Election.