Drinking Your Nicotine

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Smoking is an addiction for some and a nuisance for others. Some people say it makes them feel great, and others say it's dangerous.

Thomasville resident Michelle Hildreth said, "Nicotine is a drug and it’s not safe, so I wish we could encourage people to do other positive things."

Smoking restrictions continue to rise as people realize the dangers of secondhand smoke, making it difficult for smokers to get their fix. When getting on a plane or going anywhere where smoking is restricted, it can be frustrating not to get that nicotine fix, but there could soon be an alternative to cigarettes.

Thomasville resident and smoker Lonnie Alexander said, "Smoking alternative? There's no alternative to smoking, that's like saying there's an alternative to eating."

But it's true; pretty soon a nicotine drink will be making its way to the United States. It's not on the market here right now, but Nico Worldwide is in California and they plan to try the product out on airline passengers before releasing it to the public.

The drink is water based and lemon flavored, very similar to flavored water.

Thomasville resident Liz McDonald said, "I would rather people take liquid nicotine than smoking and making me inhale it"

Some smokers say they like the sensation of just smoking, and don't think they'll get what they need from a drink, but non-smokers say it’s always worth a try. Nico Worldwide has not released a date on when they will distribute these drinks or test them on the airline passengers.