Service Improvements in Georgia

It's an annoyance almost everyone has dealt with it at some point, getting a person on the phone when you need a little customer service.

Paul Fryer of Thomasville said, "I think it's very frustrating to a lot of their customers, so I think they'd be a lot better to have live people answering the telephone."

And it's not just over the phone where people are having trouble getting served.

Fancy Brgwall of Thomasville recalled a recent experience.

"They just act like they did not care at all, whether they pleased me or not. A lot of times they take forever."

Gov. Sonny Perdue is implementing a customer service improvement plan in Georgia. The plan is set to begin in August at 42 state agencies.

The Department of Driver Services is already reporting improvements for customer service, bringing the statewide average wait time down from 22 minutes to just under seven minutes.

Willie Ross says he's satisfied with the service he received at DDS.

"Quick, fast, in a hurry, no problems. You ask them for anything, you don't have to wait long; a quick five, 10 minutes, not even that long."

If all goes according to plan there should be more smiling faces in the Peach State. In January of 2006 Gov. Perdue signed an executive order creating the Office of Customer Service to raise the quality of service received by Georgia residents.