Body Discovered Near Chaires

A body was found on the side of the highway near Chaires Cross Road in Leon County, but there is no word yet who he is or what happened to him. The man's body was spotted by passers-by Wednesday morning, and neighbors are anxious to know if his death was an accident or not.

Cameron Moore and his cousins stood in their driveway on Highway 27 South anxious to know what happened to the man across the street.

Cameron Moore said, "I was wondering what was going on, kind of like CSI in Tallahassee."

A decomposing body was found about 50 yards off the roadway in the same lot where a Hindu temple burned down last fall. Deputies say the body may have been there for several days or more; it's hard to tell and it's too early, they say, to know what killed the man.

SGT Chris Chase, LCSO Spokesman, said, "In any circumstance or situation like this when we have a deteriorating body, we will always treat it as though it's foul play initially until we can determine otherwise, so they are processing this as though it was a crime scene."

Sources said the men in the white pickup found the body and called it in, but they wouldn't talk to us. Crime scene investigators spent the day documenting the scene, photographing the body, examining tire tracks, hoping to piece together what happened in the final few hours of the man's life.

Family members of a missing Wacissa man were on scene fearing it might be him, but deputies have not identified the man yet and say they'll be able to release more information after an autopsy Thursday morning.