Youth Ranch Cashes In

Who knew bagging groceries could be so lucrative?

Wednesday the Leon County Sheriff's Office showed off a bevy of books and school supplies, calculators, computers and more.

All of it was bought and paid for with money deputies raised bagging groceries at Publix a few months ago, and all of it on its way to troubled kids at the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch.

Roger Bouchard, President of the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch, said, "Our problem is we're totally dependent on donations to buy equipment, the books, the computers, so something like this, we're right now going to be the best equipped school in Suwannee County because of what they did here."

Those children can expect even more next year. The Leon County Sheriff's Office now ranks number one in the state among SOs in payroll deductions for the Youth Ranch. Pledges for the upcoming year total more than $43,000.