Detectives Investigate Body Found

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Leon County sheriff's investigators removed a body from an empty field hours after two men in a white pickup truck made the startling discovery

"With the factors of all the rain, heat and humidity, bodies can deteriorate at different rates, so we have to look and that. This body could be a couple days or a lot more," said Leon County Sheriff's SGT Chris Chase.

With police tape out, so are neighbors. Many were shocked to see investigators suited up, taking DNA samples and pictures yards from their homes.

"If it was a crime in here, we'd have to sleep a little more lightly and listen to things that go in the neighborhood," said Eugene White, who lives in the area.

Lonnie Anderson owns the property across the street and says as a parent he hopes it was an accident, not a crime.

"I would hate to think that anything like that could happen, especially to one of my kids. I just hope they catch the fellow that did this whoever is responsible. "

Also concerned is the family of a missing Wacissa man, fearing it could be their loved one: 36-year-old Tommy Brumbley. Investigators though are not identifying the body until an autopsy is complete.