Ebony Gardens Flap

The hot, humid temperatures, always a part of north Florida summers, are right around the corner, and that could be a problem for one Tallahassee community. Residents at Ebony Gardens say they could be in for a hot, unbearable summer if something isn't done.

Residents are being told by the Tallahassee Housing Authority they may face a possible eviction. The housing authority says it’s for their own safety. People at Ebony Gardens are spending more time outside, where they say it’s much cooler.

"The issue we have as a community is they want us to remove our window AC units because they're saying that we can't have them anymore," says Emma McQueen.

"We're told that a federal law that went into effect last year, because of safety

Everyone living in the apartment complex was given a letter from the Tallahassee Housing Authority that basically said the window units in the bedroom windows were in violation of HUD regulations and had to be removed within 24 hours.

"Those are safe and health hazards. I've had the City come out and do an inspection, and they agree. They also say it's an egress problem. The units are blocking the windows in the back," Claudette Cromartie explains.

"Yes it is a hazard. I understand what the federal government is saying. But give us some options," residents say.

The residents say they want to see central air put in if they can't have their bedroom window units. But the housing authority says that probably won't happen.

"We're looking into ceiling fans in the bedrooms, but we want to have Ebony Gardens demolished and put these folks in other communities that have the amenities they need, with Ebony Gardens, we can't.”

The apartments at Ebony Gardens are allowed to have a window unit in the living room, because there are other options of escape in case of an emergency.