TCC May Take Over at Art Museum

Tallahassee Community College may be moving downtown. Preliminary plans are underway for TCC to take over ownership of the brogan museum.

The facility would continue to operate as it does now. However, the head eagle says the community would see more funding, as well as easy access to higher education.

TCC President, Bill Law, is seeking ownership of the Brogan Museum in the heart of downtown Tallahassee. Law says taking over the facility would enable the community college to expand TCC’s art program, as well as create a downtown campus location.

The museum is currently owned by Leon County schools, but since community colleges are funded differently and can receive more dollars for buildings they own, Superintendent Bill Montford sees it as a creative way to keep arts and sciences alive.

We would still retain rights the district has in terms of student involvement, TCC would be a player in that,” Montford says.

Museum Executive Director, Rena Minar, is also a supporter of the plan, saying it in line with Florida’s seamless education concept.

Law's plan includes renovating 12,000 square feet of the museum's basement into classrooms for workforce development. If all goes well, TCC hopes to have everything
transferred and completed by the spring of 2004.