Valdosta Doctor Under Investigation

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"The investigation is continuing to find out exactly what was going on, there was some information about a possible abortion, but that's what we're investigating," says Sgt. Steve Owens.

Both Valdosta police and the Georgia medical examiners board want to know if Dr. Charles Rossmann tried to perform an abortion on a woman who was nearly eight months pregnant.

Investigators with Valdosta Police Department say Rossmann met with the woman at this office one evening, gave her medication to induce labor, then left the woman all alone and told her to call him once labor started. Once that happened, the woman panicked, and rather than calling Rossmann, she called 9-1-1 for help.

Inside, rescuers found the baby clinging to life and the mother trying to recover from the ordeal. Both were rushed to the hospital for treatment, and the child is still recovering.

As a result of his alleged involvement, the Georgia Board of Medical Examiners has taken action against Rossmann, saying, "He poses a threat to public health, safety, and welfare.” The board has also suspended his license to practice medicine until a full investigation is completed.

Valdosta police say there is no question about what happened in this office, what remains to be seen is if the law was knowingly broken.

"It’s just a question of how far along he knew she was, and how far a long she knew she was, so that's what we have to investigate."

Dr. Rossmann could face charges from local prosecutors if he knowingly tried to abort a pregnancy that was so far along. He could also face action from state medical regulators.