Youth Ranch

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On any given day there are 60 or more children on the docket in Gadsden County's juvenile court, so the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office is teaming up with the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch to help kids find an alternative to crime.

It may look like fun and games, but for the last few days the Gadsden County kids have been participating in a unique camp designed to teach them values and respect.

Gadsden County officials say too many children go through the court system and end up in jail. They're hoping this camp will give the children a better outlook on life.

INV Jenkins said, "We're hoping some positive influences will get these kids on a different tract and maybe they can come out here and find a mentor with some of these officers. We want them to have an alternative to trouble."

Through art and interaction, the five-day camp also helps kids develop a healthy relationship with and appreciation for law enforcement officials, as well as their own peers.

Legrande added, "We hope to reach at least one child to promote lawful citizens and prevent juvenile delinquents."

Law enforcement officials are hoping to steer children in the right direction, helping to cultivate positive social skills that will have a lasting impact in their lives.

Thirty nine children participated in the camp this year. The goal is to have 60 kids next year, including students who live in the outskirts of the county.