Neighborhood Store Changing Hands

Oswald Maxwell of Maxwell's grocery is calling it quits and handing over the reins to someone one else after two decades.

Come Friday, someone new will be at the helm of the long-time family owned business at the corner of 90 East and Crump Road.

Maxwell is getting out of the business, leasing it out to new managers.

All day long gas customers have been greeted by out of order signs and news that Mr. Maxwell is hanging up his hat.

Mark Pickel, a customer, said, “I've been shopping here for 11 years. I come in here four times a day. It is real convenient to my house. When he told me the news this morning it broke my heart."

Oswald Maxwell, owner, said, “We hate to go, to leave the people. I guess you could say we got caught up with the system, with the times. My wife and I hate to leave. Real nice folks out here, great place."

Maxwell will be leasing out the store. The familiar name will stay the same, and he adds employees who want a job with the new management will have one.