Family Remembers Wacissa Man

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Family members were grieving hours after finding out their loved one, 36-year-old Tommy Brumbley, will never come home again.

"I was just absolutely shocked and stunned. I still just can't believe. I just keep hoping I'll wake up and it will all be a bad nightmare," said Brumbley's sister, Shelia Porter.

Brumbley was last seen Saturday at his best friend's country store down the road from his house.

"When he didn't call me I knew there was some reason he couldn't get to a phone. That's the reason I know he was dead," said his mother, Patsy Brumbley.

Wednesday his two best friends spotted his body in an open field off Highway 27 near where his car was left. Although investigators say there was no foul play, relatives say something just doesn't add up.

"I think something happened to him somewhere else. I don't know maybe he was poisoned," said Porter.

His wife Robin says not calling home was uncharacteristic.

"He would call his mama if something happened. He would not just wander in the woods and not just fall up dead."

Loved ones say the hardest part is just knowing they'll never get to hug Brumbley again.

"Tombo was the greatest friend ever. The greatest friend I ever had," said Haley Eury.

Brumbley is survived by his two sons, Cody and Casey.

"He was just there for me. All I had to do was ask and he'd do it even if it wasn't right then, he'd do it."

Porter says it teaches everyone to tell loved ones just how much they're appreciated.

"Before you go to sleep tonight you need to tell your loved ones how you really feel and not keep it inside, not assume that they know, but open your mouth and tell 'em."

Several family members tell Eyewitness News Brumbley had a drug problem and was trying to get help. There is no word though on whether drugs were in his system. Deputies say toxicology results are pending.