Online Education Is Growing

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We live in an Internet world; everything from music, news, and shopping is available online, and education is no exception.

Jilynn Layton works full-time and takes care of her family. When she wanted to go back to school, she says taking classes online was pretty much her only choice.

Layton says, "It's much more convenient for me. I work a very full-time schedule, I work very late, I can work at my own pace and spend more time with my family."

The Southwest Georgia Technical College has its highest numbers for online enrollment, even for a summer term. Whether you're at home or have a little down time at work you, can get on the computer and complete courses at your own pace.

Online coordinators for the college say as the Internet world grows and becomes faster, so do they.

Carol Barrow, the online class coordinator, says, "The students complete the same coursework that traditional students complete."

This summer has a 13 percent increase in online students compared to last summer quarter. Officials at the college say the numbers are great since the program only started only five years ago, helping people like Jilynn go back to school.

Also helping students feel like they're in the classroom is a program called Tegrity. It's a portable cart equipped with a Web and document camera, as well as a DVE and VCR. It takes video of anything the online student will need that happened in class.