SRO Shortage?

OFC Duke Donaldson is going on his tenth year as a school resource officer. His job is to keep a watchful eye over thousands of students at Grady County's seven schools.

Donaldson said, "It ends up I'm back and forth from different schools for different reason for something. If something is going on at another school they'll call me."

OFC Donaldson's schedule has him at Cairo High School three days a week. He says it can be stressful knowing he may have to leave if something were to come up at another school, but Donaldson say he does the best he can covering the entire county, and administrators say they're not too worried about the one man show.

Tim Helms, Principal at Cairo High School, said, "It's never been a problem with us being a small school system. We're in constant communication with OFC Donaldson with him by way of radio, and also, of course, cell phones."

Grady County Superintendent Steve Wooten says it boils down to money. The school board is paying OFC Donaldson's salary, and says without help from state funds they can only have one officer.

Donaldson added, "They pretty much understand that I'm only one person. I can't be right there all the time when they need me to because there's certain other things going on."

With the first day of class just a week away, this school resource officer says he's ready for whatever the new school year may bring his way.

OFC Donaldson says if there's ever a time when he needs help, backup is only blocks away at the Cairo Police Department.