Motorcycle Safety Training and Show

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The rules of the road my be confusing for motorcyclists and motorists, but members of the Maximum Velocity Motorcycle Organization of Tallahassee say learning the rules is the key to safer roadways.

Roscoe Hightower said, "It's a rising issue and more and more people need to get the proper training, get the proper classes, and just be safe out on the road. Not just the motorcyclists, but also for the people in the cars and trucks."

And for the first time ever, Tallahassee police were on hand supporting the event.

Tallahassee Police OFC Steve Guading said, "Since it does promote motorcycle safety, that is a very important thing for us. We have seen an increase in motorcycle fatalities and we have a safety display of our own that we want to share with the public and try and get the word out about motorcycle safety."

Matthew Schommer was riding on this motorcycle on Appalachee Parkway when he was involved in a tragic accident that took his life. Schommer's family donated the bike to TPD to promote safety.

The importance of wearing a helmet and other safety equipment were also stressed.

Kyle Brown, a future motorcyclist, said, "You definitely need to have a helmet on because it's common sense. You have a 250 power engine between your legs and you’re riding 70 miles per hour and your head is open, and you have to have protection."

Protection was the theme of the day, all in hopes of decreasing the number of fatal motorcycle accidents. The Motorcycle Safety Training Show is a three-day event lasting through the weekend.