Some Local Businesses Benefit From Florida's Tax Free Week

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Rachel Nickens works at the Quarter Moon at The Cottages of Lake Ella. It's a boutique specializing in unique clothing and accessories.

Nickens says the store has been cashing in, thanks to Florida's tax free holiday.

Nickens said, "I think business was a little increased this week during tax free week because people like to come stock up on the school clothes and stuff. Some people didn't realize that it was tax free week. They were excited when I reminded them about the savings."

The ‘no tax week’ of shopping is bringing in more consumers to the cottages.

Sarah Moore, an employee at Polka Dot Shoes, said, "People really support local businesses and they like it better than corporate. Plus, we order stuff directly from the buyers."

Mary Tosten supports smaller retail shops and is excited to see the latest merchandise. Tosten says more residents should help small businesses keep afloat.

"Everybody goes to the big mom and pop stores like Wal-Mart and Target. This keeps it home."

To compete with corporate stores’ boutiques increase sales, especially during the tax free holiday, Sarah Moore said, "We put all of the shoes on sale for 10 percent off, even the sale items. We put an extra 10 percent off so people were getting a better deal."

This was a perfect incentive to bring in more shoppers next year. If you missed out on the Florida tax free sales, you can take advantage of Georgia's tax holiday August 3 through August 6.