Massive Moving

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Moving, moving and more moving, and these are just the early birds.

"I went to Florida State. I just graduated. I just finished with the summer semester and time to move out," said Clay Mitchell, III as he moved his belongings into a rental truck.

"We got a jump on it. We got a nice budget rental truck; we didn't have to wait any," added Mitchell's dad, Clay Mitchell, Jr.

Fortunately, the Mitchells reserved a truck in advance. In the next few weeks, thousands of folks on the west side of Tallahassee will be moving out, moving in, or helping others move.

"They want to go ahead and get out before they have to pay another month or sign another lease," explained Jesse Taylor as he helped his friends move out of their apartment.

Leases near Florida State, FAMU and TCC often match the academic calendar. Residents say leases end on July 31 or the first week of August.

"I know a lot of people that are moving out for school. Some already have places up here and they're just kind of transferring all their stuff," said Mark Starr, a college freshman moving in early.

Not all residents living near the colleges are students, but they're also caught in the moving rush.

"We have to be out by the 31st and they couldn't extend our lease because they've got more people moving in, and everything's already been leased up," said Sandra Lee Williams as she moved the final pieces of furniture from her apartment.

Williams and her husband are closing on a new home in mid August, but for now their lease is up, so they're moving out like many others on the west side. Some apartment complexes and landlords extend leases for students until summer graduation, which will be next weekend.