Clinton on Childhood Obesity

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Former President Bill Clinton is working on a pilot program that will be instituted in nine schools in the Big Bend area. Health officials say childhood obesity is a big problem in America. Experts say now is the time to teach kids about healthy eating habits.

Kathleen Brennan is a mother of four who is concerned about what her children are eating when they're away from home, especially at school.

Kathleen said, "Our kids are in school so much of the week, and as parents we don't have control over a lot of the factors like what they're serving in school and the physical activity they're getting, so if they're going to be actively improving both of those, it's fantastic."

A study shows approximately nine million kids over the age of six are obese. Now Clinton and the American Heart Association have come together to form The Alliance for a Healthier Generation in the hopes of improving nutrition in school foods.

Clinton added, "Schools are some of our challenging communities. We're able to access technical assistance network they need to create healthy learning environment for students, as well as healthy workplace for their staffs."

Nine schools in the Big Bend area have been selected to take part in the pilot program, three in Leon and six in Gadsden County.

Students and staff at the participating schools will learn about nutrition, physical education and wellness.

Some 200-plus schools across America will participate in The Alliance for Healthier Schools Program. The alliance is hoping to bring the program to campuses throughout the country.