We've been talking about a HARD FREEZE for Wednesday Morning for a few days now. Many take that as a sign to protect the plants and pets and even the exposed pipes. That's very good. Those things all need to be done. But here's what a HARD FREEZE means, at least by definition:
At least 2 hours of air temperatures below 26 degrees.

Here's something else to consider. We forecast weather for a LARGE area. Because of that, there are bound to be things that don't pertain to everyone. For Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning's weather situation, there will be MANY areas that DO NOT reach the HARD FREEZE criteria. Urban areas, coastal areas, even locations adjacent to large lakes will not get that cold for that long. But even still, the proper precautions should be taken. It will still get COLD in all areas. Plants will struggle. Pets should be brought in. This might not be cold enough to warrant letting a thin stream of water flow through the outdoor, exposed pipes... but if you're afraid of having a pipe issue, than it won't hurt to take that precaution too.