Castro Passes Control to Brother

With Fidel Castro in the hospital, Cuban exiles in Miami are having a tough time controlling their emotions about the possible demise of the communist dictator.

Ruby Feria said, "For 47 years we are waiting for this day, for the day that Castro is no longer, that the tyranny is no longer."

Castro isn't dead, but intestinal bleeding and surgery has forced the 79-year-old president to temporarily pass control of his government to his brother, Raul. While no other details of his condition are being made available, the Venezuelan government, a close ally of Cuba, reports the dictator is, quote, "advancing positively" after surgery.

Many people in Little Havana are celebrating, hoping the end is finally near for Cuba's communist regime."

Carlos Alvarez, Miami-Dade Mayor, said, "It's high time we have the last undemocratic nation in this hemisphere become Democratic."

In Cuba, it seems like business as usual with people going to work and their daily activities. There doesn't seem to be much reaction to the fact that, for the first time in nearly 50 years, their leader has ceded government control.

His 75-year-old brother Raul has been a prominent figure in Cuban politics for years, but whether he remains in control or returns power to his older brother is a question many around the world will be watching very closely.