School Bonds South Side Residents Together

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Residents on Tallahassee's south side are thrilled as a brand new school opens its doors.

"We have a new school and it will be very fun here," said Bond Elementary fourth grader Tyrell Guinnie as he toured the school for the first time.

South side resident and former Bond Elementary parent Edwina Stephens has pushed for the new facility for several years.

"It's furnished and equipped with the tools that our boys and girls need in their learning process."

The $12 million facility is equipped with science and music labs, wireless computers, touch screen writing boards and a colorful playground.

"I didn't have all this when I was going to elementary school, and especially a state of art the science lab," said parent Tasha Cottrell.

This new facility, which accommodates more than 780 students, replaces the old Bond and Wesson Elementary Schools.

Residents and former students like Sophie Patterson Meusa are thrilled their children and grandchildren have a new place to learn.

"This community has needed a facility of this caliber for a long time. I think that it would even give the students a greater ability and even give them the desire to learn in a greater way than in the past,"

This is the first time in 30 years Tallahassee's south side is getting a new school.