Cubans Everywhere Keeping Eye on Castro's Condition

Cuban exiles in Miami still celebrated the possibility that Fidel Castro's reign is winding down, despite the dictator's first public reassurances since surgery.

On state-run television, Castro released a statement saying he is in stable condition and that as for his spirits, he feels perfectly fine. But he went on to say, "I cannot make up positive news."

In a previous letter, Castro told Cubans he underwent surgery after suffering intestinal bleeding. The biggest surprise revealed in the letter was that he had temporarily relinquished power to his brother Raul. Raul is the country's defense minister and also Castro's constitutional successor.

In Havana, Cubans rallied around their leader. Castro has called on his people to remain calm and maintain their daily routine but many still worried about his health.

In contrast, hundreds of thousands of Cuban exiles in Miami view these developments as the beginning of the end of Communist rule.

Whether Castro returns to power remains to be seen. Any development with his health from this point forward will be up to interpretation with Cubans on the island pulling for him, and those in Miami hoping for just the opposite.