Leon County Residents are Questioning a Recent Health Tax Poll

After nearly two hours of debate, Leon County commissioners voted four to three to spend up to $150,000 to educate voters on a half-cent sales tax and the health care plan it would fund. The vote came on the same day a Mason-Dixon poll was released showing a majority of voters would not support a half-cent increase in their sales tax.

On Monday, the poll posed 14 questions to 400 Leon County voters. One of the first asked if the election were held today, would they vote for a half cent sales tax increase. Thirty four percent said they would vote for it; 49 said they would vote against it.

Jack Romberg is among many county residents crying foul on the poll.

He said, "I don't put any validity in the poll at all. I could come up with a question that would induce a whole different set of answers."

Romberg is questioning how the questions were worded. He and others are calling it a push poll, an opinion poll worded to get a negative response.

The last of the 14 questions asked again if the election were today, would they vote for or against the half cent sales tax increase. This time, 31 percent said for and 55 said against.

Mike Schmidt saw the poll and said it was fair.

"Everyone was asked the same questions, and obviously you get both sides of the story with that same poll, so I don't think it was deceptive in the way others may have."

But how Leon County voters really feel about the tax will not be known until election day, November 7.