Pregnancy Crisis Center

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A new pregnancy center in Thomasville is providing more than just baby information. An unplanned pregnancy can be difficult, especially if it seems there's no one to turn to for help. A group of people in Thomasville are working to change all that with a new pregnancy center.

Suzette Davis is the director, and she said, "It started back in 2003 with a steering committee, a board was established in 2004, and I was hired in late 2005, and the center opened August 1st [as of] yesterday.

The privately funded center is made up of volunteers and offers free services. It provides pregnancy tests and information about parenting, adoption and abortion. It also offers counseling.

Suzette Davis said, "I have faced some crisis situations in my life and understand how important it was to have support. I would just want to be available to help other young ladies."

If there's no support system at home, this center will provide the support needed, and volunteers will even go to prenatal appointments and collect donated baby supplies and maternity clothes from the community.

Volunteer Brenda Davis said, "When you have a genuine concern and love for people, I think that's the basic quality. The greatest investment that you can make is an investment in someone else's life."

Officials at the pregnancy center say they are trying to open another center in Grady County, all in an effort to spread hope to those who need it most. The pregnancy center is not just for the ladies; male volunteers are also available for expecting fathers.