Teacher Shortage in Georgia

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The entire state of Georgia is in need of 300 teachers, and with the first day of school fast approaching, Georgia is selling itself to teachers with more money.

Kylene Kieffer is a first year teacher and said, "Well, if I had stayed in South Carolina, the salary was lower, so that was a big plus to come back home and get those few extra dollars, that would help out."

Melissa Shelton is a first grade teacher. She's taught in four states and says she's glad she came to Georgia because the school system is helping with her own children.

Shelton said, "At Hand in Hand, the primary school, they have child care for two and three-year-olds if you teach in Thomas County, so that's great, so I have a three-year-old that will attend that program this year."

Other than a higher salary and help with child care, some teachers say they came to Georgia mainly for the curriculum.

First year teacher Forrest Love said, "I was interested in Georgia's educational system because of the focus they have on integrated technology in the classroom and integrated science in the elementary schools as well."

When compared to the state, Thomas County has only one more teacher slot to fill, while Grady County is fully staffed. Schools still needing teachers will use substitutes to fill those spots.