Drug Squad Dangers

Gearing up to execute a search warrant, deputies say it takes hours of preparation to make sure everything is in line.

Captain Tim Gainous with the Grady County Sheriff's Office said, "You want to think about every possible situation you might encounter and prepare for in your mind as best you can."

Agents say a bulletproof vest can help protect them from the unknown. Another thing they count on when serving a search warrant is their partner.

Chief Investigator Steve Clark with the Grady County Sheriff's Office says, "You can't see 360 degrees. You can't see behind you. Your other man can see things that you may not see, can pick up on someone hidden in a corner that you didn't see. So yes, a bulletproof vest is a nice asset but I'd rather have more faith in my partner."

And to help build trust, tactical entry teams go through hours of training.

Gainous added, “If you train properly and you do like you're trained, your chances of coming out of a situation are, I feel, are pretty high, as long as you do like you're taught."

On this day agents waited for the right time to enter the house. It never came so they must sit patiently and wait until all the proper elements fall into place.