School Started Friday

Bustling hallways and brand new sneakers are all signs that point to the first day of school. But could it be on a Friday?

Grady County Schools, for the first time, have started on the last day of the week.

Allegra Corker is a parent and said, "It's kind of funny, just one day. Maybe that one day will help him out and then he can start all over Monday."

Novella Tise, another parent, said, "Friday, it's kind of odd. It's not really getting them in the swing of things, but we'll just start back over Monday."

While some parents don't understand the concept behind holding just one day of class before the weekend, others think it's the perfect way to start the school year.

Laura Carter dropped her child off at school and said, "I like it because it's just enough to get them started, but it's not so overwhelming as a full week of school because that's a lot, especially for the little ones."

The first day of class usually strikes a nerve with the students, but in some cases it's the parents left worrying.

Tise added, "I was more nervous. She told me bye and have a good day; she went into her class."

The lunches are packed, the book bags rolling, all the proper materials needed to help the children take a step in the right direction on the first day of school. Because summer renovations were not complete in time, Shiver Elementary in Grady County will start back on Monday.