FDLE Conducts Statewide Drug Sweep

There is a massive national crackdown on drug dealing. Thousands of pounds of illegal drugs are off the streets of Florida, and hundreds of people are facing charges.

Police are confiscating everything from pills and marijuana to methamphetamines and heroin. Authorities say the magnitude of the arrests show just how bad the drug problem is.

Over 10 days in July, police in every part of the state concentrated on taking drugs and dealers off the street.

Gerald Bailey, FDLE Commissioner, said, "During that short period, state and local officers arrested more than 1,200 individuals on drug related charges."

They concentrated on drug problems specific to their regions. Home meth labs were a major target in the state’s rural areas, but every part of the state saw drug busts and arrests. FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey says many people don’t realize just how bad the drug problem still is.

Bailey said, "It is a massive problem and the point to this operation, aside from putting these people behind bars and making these seizures, was to show, to try to illustrate, that massive problem."

Authorities seized more than seven and a half million dollars in cash and more than 50 firearms as part of the crackdown. They also took 20 at-risk children out of the drug houses.

Ken Tucker, Assistant Commissioner, said, "The blood tests of many of these children where there is a meth lab, you find the presence of drugs in their system just from ingestion, from being in the environment."

Law enforcement officials are planning similar statewide sweeps in the coming months.