Lemonade Stand Scare

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Dreams of entrepreneurship turned to nightmares for a group of young girls selling lemonade. Michel James Foshee asked the girls if he could take a picture of them while they were working, then made a shocking request for one of the girls to expose her breast for his camera.

The girls took off running and screaming as Foshee fled the area. Shannon Pifer, a neighbor and mother of four, said, "It's disturbing to hear anything like that happens anywhere near us when we got four small children that play outside like everyone else does, so it was quite disturbing to know that was going on in our neighborhood."

Marianne Hunt, a resident in the neighborhood, said, "It takes people in the neighborhood knowing what is going on, what cars are driving through our neighborhood.”

Deputies were able to identify Foshee and bring him in for an interview thanks to tips from concerned viewers. One of the girls was then able to pick Foshee out from a lineup where he was taken into custody.

Residents in the area say it is relief to know he is off the streets.

Pifer said, "All the neighbors have been more diligent then we normally are, so it’s a big relief.

Foshee faces a charge of one count of a lewd and lascivious act. His bond is set at $1,500.