Inmate Death

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The sound of screeching tires in the middle of the night had a seemingly quiet neighborhood in Havana up wondering what was going on near the house of Havana's police chief.

A witness says he saw a man vandalizing both the personal and city vehicle belonging to Chief Brian Mitchel early Saturday morning. Havana Police say when they caught the suspect, 53-year-old James Michael Kinsaul, he was staggering in the neighborhood where he and the police chief lived.

Kinsaul was arrested and placed by himself in a Gadsden County jail cell. When a deputy checked on Kinsaul, he made gruesome discovery.

Gadsden County Sheriff's Office INV Ulysses Jenkins said, "He was found hanging from a belt from his top bunk. The officers immediately began CPR."

But it was too late; the medical examiner pronounced Kinsaul dead at 12:36 Saturday afternoon.

Authorities say it's an apparent suicide.

INV Jenkins added, "If he's made suicidal threats, then of course we'll make sure he has nothing he can hurt himself with. But they had no indication that Kinsaul had any suicidal thoughts."

Friends and neighbors had pretty much the same sentiment. They say the man they new as "Mike" was a nice guy just trying to put his life back together.

Tom Bram, a neighbor of Kinsaul, said, "He's done plumbing work a couple of times. He is a real nice guy. I don't know if he just went off the deep end or what."

Friends also say Kinsaul had been going through hard times lately. He had recently gone through a divorce and he was on probation. Gadsden County authorities say this incident is still under investigation and an autopsy is scheduled for Sunday.