Peanut Shelling Plant

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It does not look like much now, but in the near future, this area will be transformed into one of the first peanut shelling factories to be built in the United States in nearly 10 years, right here in Donalsonville, Georgia. It is owned by area farmers.

"The plant should not be ready until November but we should have all the infrastructure ready in time for harvest and we have enough storage to handle this year’s crop, so it is all coming together," says Terry Shamblin, CEO of American Peanut Growers Group.

Through a team effort between 59 peanut farmers across south Georgia and north Florida, farmer Mark Burkett says this future shelling plant will help cut costs, an idea that sprang from the very profitable cotton gin cooperatives.

"We started out with a new Farm Bill with a lot of uncertainties, but hopefully this is going to be an opportunity for us to add some value to our product," says Mark Burkett.

Adding value and helping a local economy, 45 full time jobs are expected to be created at the plant, with 25 jobs being created at buying points. Not to mention additional farming jobs.