Memorial Day Ceremony

All over the country, memorials are being held to remember those who fought and died for our country.

This time of year is often reserved to pause and honor those who are considered by some to be lost freedom fighters.

"It's a memory of all the soldiers, the men and women that served the country and supported us. That's why we're supporting them now. They supported us, now it's our turn."

Congressman Allen Boyd addressed the crowd about the importance of this day, and he spoke from experience, because he himself is a combat veteran.

“We're living in a dangerous world, and even now as we speak, within the last month, we've lost Americans on foreign soil, defending what we believe are our values and our freedom."

Displayed throughout the VFW post are combat helmets and uniforms. There's also a wall where the names of fallen soldiers are etched in history.

"It's just a tearjerker to honor the ones that didn't make it and this is why we have this yearly, we could have it year around, and it still wouldn't be enough."

Those at Monday's gathering say what they've done is not much, but it is their way of saying thanks.