Water Woes

A neighborhood near the Suwannee River is demanding an illegal dump site be completely cleaned so their drinking water can be safe once again.

The drinking water for 39 families in north Suwannee County is being affected by what could be underneath this soil. Residents here believe the water is contaminated by what's buried at this site, and that it's causing a variety of health problems.

"Her hair started coming out, and then mine started coming out, and so we quit using the water."

"Quite a number of these families have sick children, sick adults, there are many, many children who are having nose bleeds."

The Florida departments of health and environmental protection have been working this case, and after installing water filter systems at just two homes, they say its safe for everyone to drink, but the residents disagree, saying the problem is no where near being

"The filter is supposed to take the chemicals out of our water, but it’s not doing it. I've got black sludge coming into my bathtub, the water still smells."

The residents say the water is so bad, that they have been relying on donated bottles of water from Wal-Mart since last fall. They use it to drink and even bathe small children, but the supply of clean bottled water is running out. You can see here how bad that water is by the deposits left at the bottom of this bowl.

While state officials are supposed to return to the contamination site to continue the cleanup process, residents say more needs to be done to get the drinking water safe again.

"Everybody's sick and everybody needs something done about it, and we just hope something will be done about it soon."

Health officials are scheduled to be back on sight Tuesday.