Frank Ranicky Bidding Farewell to the Anchor Desk

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Script from December 1, 2008, by Frank Ranicky.

Announcement of his decision to leave the anchor desk on December 31, 2008 after 36 years at WCTV:

Finally tonight a special report, and for me it is by far my toughest assignment. That's because this time it involves not a breaking news story or political event or natural disaster, or any of the thousands of other news stories I've covered and reported to you over the years.

Instead, this assignment is about me and my future. I always knew this day would come, and I have had a blessed ride. You always have been family to me, each smile, each handshake, each hug and hello.

Each of you is special, and I thank you for allowing me to your dinner table all these years. Now, though, it's finally time to push back the chair and bid farewell.

After 36 years of anchoring and reporting the news here at WCTV, I've decided to take my life in a new direction. I could spend another 36 years just in recollections, especially remembering all the good news stories I've shared about you, the wonderful folks who make communities across South Georgia and North Florida such great places to live.
Like I said, I am truly blessed.

This has been a difficult decision but one I feel I must make now, and I am putting my life and this new direction squarely in the Lord's hands. I will still be representing WCTV in other capacities, but will be leaving the day to day news operation.

There are other opportunities as well, and I plan on staying in the Tallahassee community to continue working and growing right here. I'm not ready to announce all the details yet on my next adventure, but I promise to let you know as soon as I can.

My final newscast will be at 6pm New Year's Eve. I will do my best over the next month or so to continue delivering a quality newscast along with my partner, Julie, and the rest of the Eyewitness News team.

But know that my emotions will be close to my sleeve, and I ask for your prayers, your understanding, and your continuing friendship as I begin writing a new chapter in my life.

I pray it's one along with each of yours that is always filled with good news and happiness.

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