Officers Bust Multi-State Burglary Ring

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Four suspects are behind bars, their multi-state burglary ring busted up in Tallahassee.

"Members of this group and other groups possibly identified as associates have hit an excess of 50 stores anywhere from Miami to Tallahassee to Georgia and also South Carolina," said Jacksonville Regional Operations Center Special Agent Dominick Pape.

The retail robbery ring investigation began in April 2005. Finally, the break in the case came Tuesday afternoon.

"We received some information that the people we were interested in may have been on the move, so we initiated surveillance. We started coming westbound toward Tallahassee," said Pape.

The suspects’ final destination was Governor's Square where their latest burglary would take place.

"They had been dropped off by the driver there and the driver remained in the car in the area until it was time to pick up the three inside," said FDLE Spokesman Phil Kiracofe.

Once inside, Maggie Castellanos, Demitria Thompson and Martisha Walker stole hundreds of items in the Gymboree store. Three hours later, investigators say they left the clothing at the service entrance planning to pick it up with the driver, Tarik Williams.

Their plan was thwarted when they got to the vehicle. State and local law enforcement agents were waiting and took all four to jail.

"It was a good case, a great case," said Pape.

Detectives say the four are responsible for a string of robberies in several different cities. They face charges of burglary and grand theft and possession of burglary tools.