You Bet!

Adrian McPherson's gambling problems began long before he came to Florida State. You can smell alcohol on a person, you can even find out if an athlete has been in trouble, but you can't look a kid in the face and know if he has a gambling addiction.

Gambling has become one of the top concerns on college campuses today. In the state of Florida, you can place a wager in so many different ways. On the Internet, you can gamble on anything you want. Think about this, an athlete could be placing a wager on the bus ride to a game he or she is about to be playing in.

"Technology the way it is very secretive, you can sit on your cell phone and make a bet," says Bob Minnix, FSU Director of Compliance.

FSU has been in the news a lot in recent times in regards to gambling. Adrian McPherson’s problems cost him his scholarship, but it could also cost him any chance of playing sports again.

McPherson's problem isn't unlike any other vice that Americans deal with everyday.

"This isn't just a problem of gambling, it's a problem of drinking and other things that kids get involved in," says Mark Richt.

"We have a campus-wide task force on the situation. It's not just a campus problem, it’s a community problem," explains Bob Minnix, FSU Director for Compliance.

Gambling has been a problem on campus, and T.K. Wetherell says he's the man to stop it.

"Dave Hart and I agree that you can't change the past. We made a decision to go on and look what has happened and look to the future. That's what we want FSU athletics to be all about."

Adrian McPherson will have a pre-trial hearing on Wednesday. If he doesn't plea out, then jury selection will commence at 8:30 Friday Morning.