A Florida Gem Untapped

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"For Sale" signs are overwhelmingly present at the St. Marks village, but very few places are open for business.

Mike Hoover, a business owner, feels the tide will soon be turning.

Mike Hoover, "We feel like St. Marks is a diamond in the rough. There are a lot of good people here, have a lot of good visions about what's gonna happen here, and there some good planning going on right now."

Though the market is slower than last year, local realtor Cassandra Harbin says she's sold two properties in the last week and sees the area flourishing in the future.

Stanley West, who’s lived in St. Marks for more than a decade, says bad hurricane seasons have scared some people away, but he sees a move in a positive direction.

Stanley West said, "Hopefully we'll have a nice hurricane season this year and everything will come back to normal a little bit more, because it gets scary when you see too many hurricanes."

Hurricanes haven't been reason enough for some to pack their bags. Lee Pierce, who moved from Orlando to get away from big city life, says he went through Dennis and is in St. Marks for good.

Lee Pierce said, "I think it'll pick up and be like a little Key West type town where people come to stay for the summer, and you know, enjoy the water."

Though it may look like a ghost town, residents say don't be fooled. In fact, they're calling their town north Florida's best kept secret, and the secret is out.