A Local Playwright

Henry Gainey says he's had an image in his head since the early 90s. Over the years he's dedicated hours to writing a play, only to be discouraged and give up.

Gainey says, "I got to thinking this will probably not come to the stage, but I've had a great time doing it."

Gainey is now beaming with excitement knowing his vision will come to life on a stage in California.

Linda Lawson had a big hand in the final project. She created the backdrop for the play.

Lawson says, "It wasn't a chore. No, it wasn't a chore at all. It was just a lot of fun and it's fun to be part of someone's dream for them to realize their dream. "

Gainey and Lawson aren't the only Thomasville residents making an appearance in California.

Gainey's wife is the production manager, his daughter the director, and a former Ms. Thomasville holds a part in the play.

Gainey adds, "This is a dream come true, and as we have put it together it has become so much more then I ever thought."

The play debuts in Costa Mesa, California August 23, 24 and25.