Teens Drinking Online

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Underage drinking is already a continuous battle for parents and law enforcement, now the Internet is adding fuel to the fire. A national survey conducted by Teenage Research Unlimited shows millions of teens are buying alcohol online. This may seem unreal, but teens say it's pretty easy.

High school student Nancy Davis says, "It's probably easier to get drugs and alcohol off the Internet, it's so widespread and easily used."

High school student Marcellus Mungin says, "A lot of people have Internet now, it's 2006, the technology is advanced."

The survey shows alcohol can be ordered and delivered to a teenager, no questions asked about age. Teens who say they did not know about buying alcohol online say they're not surprised their peers would take advantage.

High school student Annie Reichert says, "Kids are going to find ways to get alcohol if they want, either from their friends, relatives, even if they go ask some random person on the street."

Sixty percent of the teens interviewed say their parents would not know if they were using the Internet for something wrong. Eighty one percent of teens say their parents trust their judgment when using the Internet. More than 1,000 teens, ages 14 to 20, participated in this survey.