First Day of School in Jefferson/Merged Facility

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Thursday was the first day of school in Jefferson County. It was also a first for middle and high school students attending classes on one campus.

The campus of Jefferson County High school is buzzing with activity. Students are making steps towards ushering in a new school year, one that involves sharing a campus with middle school kids.

Paul Huggins, a Jefferson County student, said, "My classes are in a couple of classes around here so I don't have to walk that far."

Administrators worked all summer ensuring an effortless transition and are on hand, helping students locate classes on the campus. But what is puzzling to some is starting new year just days before the weekend gets underway.

Laquisha Morris said, "It feels funny because it's like the end of the week. We should've started school on a Monday, but I'm glad to be back in school because this is my last year."

The first day of school was a busy one with students completing tests to determine where they stand academically.

Teacher Chris Weider said, "In every class, every subject we're giving a pre-test, we're giving them four times this year so we can mark exactly what gains were made per quarter so by the end of this year they should be doing excellent."

Caleb Vaughn adds, "I'm just looking forward to making better grades."

Better grades are at the top of the priority list for administrators. The goal is to make sure every student makes academic progress this school year.

Some 600-plus students are currently enrolled at the new middle/high school.