New Program Offers Free Hurricane Safety Inspections

The "My Safe Florida" home inspection program won’t be up and running until next week, but there are some steps you can take now to help you apply for the inspections.

28,000 calls have poured in over the last 72 hours to the state Department of Financial Services consumer helpline with people wanting to know more about the new home inspection program.

The applications for the inspections to help you hurricane-proof your house won’t even be available until next week, but the phones keep ringing.

Spokeswoman Tami Torres says callers from every part of the state are excited about the free inspections, and a matching grant program that will even provide money to help some people make those improvements.

Tami Torres of the Department of Financial Services said, "One of the most important things Floridians can do in order to ease insurance rates is strengthen their homes against hurricanes. This program is going to help them do that."

But you have to meet certain requirements, like the home is your primary residence and is insured for less than $500,000.

Clicking through the new website can help you figure out if you’d even be eligible. You’ll need the first page of your homeowners insurance policy and a copy of your homestead exemption.

The "My Safe Florida" home inspections will be available to 50,000 homeowners at first.
The hope is the program can be expanded next year.

For now though, the message to homeowners is be patient. Look for applications next week, and inspections to start by the end of the month.