FSU Professor Teaches Course on Terrorism

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FSU political science instructor David Siegel has spent the summer reading up on terror.

"My course will examine how terrorist groups organize, how they act, how they are formed, what they look like organizationally-wise and network-wise, and how the government responds to them,” said Siegel, who will teach a course on "topics of terrorism" this fall.

"It's definitely an interesting topic. I got into this through a co-author. He had connections with various government agencies. He would tell me stories about this and that."

FSU student advisors say over the past couple of years there has been an increased interest in Middle Eastern and international studies, particularly Middle Eastern languages.

"The current events do cause a lot of classes to open up. Students were interested in election classes, but right now they're interested in Middle Eastern classes in light of everything in Lebanon. So current events do have an impact on what students are interested in," said former FSU student Oscar Guiulfo.

Siegel says his terrorism course will rely partially on media and unclassified government reports with a strong emphasis on literature written on the history of past terror groups.

Siegel says all 50 spots for this fall's class have been filled.