Terror Plot Foiled

It was for real; authorities in Great Britain foiled what could have been one of the worst terror attacks in history. Authorities arrested more than 20 people in an alleged plot to blow up planes as they headed to America.

London officials called it the big one, a plot painting a horrific picture: multiple planes headed to America being blown out of the sky, one after another.

Paul Stephenson of New Scotland Yard said, "Put simply, this was intended to be mass murder on an unimaginable scale."

It's believed the alleged terrorists were planning to use liquid explosives smuggled onto the planes in hand luggage. Police say the main players are now in custody. Information from Pakistan reportedly led to the arrests.

Airports aren't taking any chances. Carry-on luggage, except for essentials like passports in a clear plastic bag, is now forbidden. All liquids are completely banned.

Those extreme security precautions are sending a ripple effect across Europe and the United States, causing massive delays and leading some airlines to even cancel flights in and out of Great Britain airports, leaving thousands of passengers angry, frustrated and stranded.

U.S. Homeland Security says all the people arrested in the U.K. are British citizens .It took a joint venture between the British and Pakistan and the U.S. to foil the plot.

President George W. Bush said, "The recent arrests are a stark reminder that we are at war with Islamic fascist."

It’s a stark reminder that the War on Terror is not over and airplanes are still a target.