Residents 'Not Surprised' by Terror Plot

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From LA to New York, the nation's capital to Florida's capital, Americans are all abuzz about a thwarted al Qaeda terrorist plot intended to blow up as many as 10 airplanes.

"I think it’s sad. I think it’s a good thing they stopped it because there would have been a lot of innocent people killed just like before," said Kirk Epperson.

In a Tallahassee coffee shop customers surfed the net and watched the television set for up to the minute updates.

"Of course it was a surprise, but it’s also not necessarily surprising because we've been worried about this sort of thing for some time and I think it’s just the society that we're living in now," said Greg Dudley.

Others like Chris Connell say it comes as no surprise.

"I'm really not all that surprised. Osama Bin Laden has continued to say, you know, we're gonna continue to find ways to get your attention, and the more that we're active in the Middle East it seems like the more they just continue to fuel the fire there."

Many Americans agree it could be worse

"I feel much better than after September 11th because we were able to apprehend the people, capture the people before it did happen. We were able to find out how and what they wanted to do and we were able to stop flights from coming over here," said FSU student Halima Mohammed.

Valdosta airline passenger Christopher Snell said despite the plot, he feels safe.

"I trust my government. I think they're doing a good job, the best they can. If they caught the 21 guys then, they'll probably catch the next guys as well."

This latest event serves as a reminder that terrorism is still present in our lives.