Change on the Way in One Tallahassee Neighborhood

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Ella Head has lived in the Griffin Heights neighborhood for nearly 30 years and says she welcomes any positive change in the area.

Ella said, "If you're gonna have property and you don't keep it up, you let the woods take over it, it's not productive, but to have someone to put a home on it, raise a family, it means something; then it'll build a community up, and that's what we need."

Change is headed into Griffin Heights. The wooded area will be turned into 22 two-story homes between $125,000 and $145,000.

But not all residents welcome change with open arms. Some neighbors have questions about the number of homes in such a small plot of land and how it will affect the neighborhood's character.

Charles Morris, Pastor of Anderson Chapel AME, said, "We are not against the housing, we're just against them putting them side by side and so close together, packing them in like sardines or like a matchbook. We're just so disappointed."

Morris and 51 other residents signed a petition to change the number of homes from 22 to 16 so that the properties have more land, but the builder says lot size was pre-determined, the land plotted back in the 40s.

Bryan Cureton of Cureton and Thompson Investments LLC said, "When we purchased these lots they were that wide; we didn't choose this, so we're just trying to deal with the lot size that we're dealt. We're not trying to change the character of the neighborhood; we're just trying to build on the lots we purchased."

They are lots that will soon be homes attracting new families to a neighborhood rich in history and character.

Residents are also questioning the price range of the homes. Some say houses in the 125 to 145 price range are not affordable for people living in that area, but the builder says they are following price guidelines from the Tallahassee Lending Consortium.