County Gets New Voting Machines

Fulfilling federal stipulations for voting accommodations, area voters will find an alternative to cast their ballots. New voting terminals are just in time for the upcoming primary election.

Touch screen voting has arrived in Taylor County, and election officials are encouraging citizens to stop by the Supervisor of Elections Office to get familiar with the new machines before Election Day.

Miriam Shaw is getting her quick lesson. "I like it. One they see it work they would like it, I think, because it's easy to read and easy to work."

The technology is new to Taylor County, but as Shaw discovered, the touch screen machines are simple to operate.

First, a technician will put the voters' I.D. card into the machine. The voter simply touches the box next to the person's name they want to vote for. Press "cast ballot," and the process is complete.

"Everybody should go vote for the candidate they want. The old way was all right with me. I don't know about other people."

Optical scan machines will still be available for voters who wish to use paper ballots.

Limited funding allows only one touch screen machine at each of the 14 voting precincts. Supervisor of Elections Molly Lilliot says this meets the basic requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The touch screen machines will be installed by early voting which is August 21 through September 2. The primary election is September 5, and the general election is November 7.